Association pour la Sauvegarde du Ramesseum

Saving the tomb of Ramesses II (Kings Valley 7)

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Since 1993, in close collaboration with the Egyptian government and under the direction of French egyptologist Christian Leblanc, an international team of specialists has successfully freed the tomb of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings from the rubble that filled it almost completely. The last two years have seen an ambitious structural engineering effort to stabilize the vault of its impressive burial chamber. 

After 25 years of archaeological activity and egyptological studies, the Ramesses II Project is now launching a vital campaign to sustain the ongoing program into the future and towards the grand reopening of this major monument of egyptian kingship and art.

Dug at the heart of the Theban hills, the tomb of the most illustrious pharaoh of all times has been damaged since antiquity by repeated flooding deriving from torrential rains. It had gradually become filled by layers of mud and sediments that settled like a rock hard natural concrete coffin, discouraging many predecessors.

Today, reopening the tomb of such an emblematic and world-famous monarch comes as the legitimate conclusion of this multidisciplinary project, which has been supported from the start by the ASR - a non-profit organization financing the different stages of the work undertaken in the tomb.

The fragile state of preservation of this ancient wonder however imperatively requires a major long-term final restoration effort. The somewhat daunting program lying ahead is now well-defined. Unfortunately it also lies beyond the current means of ASR. It is therefore vital, to ensure this final stage of the project, to find renewed financial sponsoring from private sources.

Your generous support, through any level of donation, will help us move towards the reopening of the "mansion of eternity" of this great Pharaoh and to its preservation for centuries to come. The divine Ramesses thanks you in advance for your involvement.

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