Association pour la Sauvegarde du Ramesseum

Saving the Ramesseum

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Situated on the west bank of Luxor, the Ramesseum is one of the most grandiose monuments of Ancient Egypt. Built in the 13th century BC by the great Ramesses II, it is also the "Tomb of Osymandias" that inspired Shelley’s famous verses.

This vast religious complex, located at the edge of agricultural land and the theban foothills, is now a romantic ruin where one can meditate on the passing if time, but its original surface, estimated at nearly twenty acres, is a telltale of its major importance.

It included an impressive but elegant stone temple surrounded by miraculously preserved rare mudbrick annexes associated with its administrative and economic activities.

For twenty-five years, in close partnership with the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, the Association for the Safeguard of the Ramesseum (ASR), has been sustaining the scientific study and restoration of this exceptional site, inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. 

Although a huge amount of work has already been done on site (excavation and conservation of ruined structures, site-management), the task that remains is still considerable and requires long term financial support.

In order to relentlessly pursue this struggle against time, we are thus seeking your financial assistance to help us continue to restore, preserve and enhance this flagship of pharaonic civilization.

Every donation counts and yours shall contribute to the resurrection of this prestigious archaeological site !

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